Triple J’s Hobba and Hing Get ABC TV Show ‘Australia’s Best Competition Competition’

Hobba and Hing's TV show Australia's
Courtesy of Triple J

Triple J’s drive-time hosts Lewis Hobba and Michael Hing (“Hobba and Hing”) have a new TV show hitting screens in October.

“Australia’s Best Competition Competition” will premiere on ABC TV Plus (formerly ABC 2) and ABC iView at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27.

Hobba and Hing will travel across Australia for the show, taking part in the country’s “weirdest, wildest and sometimes oiliest competitions”, including woodchopping, the Archibald Prize, street racing and Turkish oil wrestling.

The one-hour TV special results in one broken limb and one legitimate victory.

The duo said: “For us, entering these competitions resulted in one broken leg and a lot of broken dreams. This show truly highlights the best of Australia and the worst of our hand-eyed coordination.

“We hope this inspires people to go to new places and try new things, but if not, we hope everyone enjoys watching grown men fall over and hurt themselves.”

Hobba first appeared on ABC TV as part of its “Hungry Beast” program which was on air from 2009 to 2011. He then joined the ABC’s youth radio station Triple J alongside Veronica Milsom as co-host of Weekend Breakfast and then Weekend Afternoons.

The duo switched to drive in 2015. Hing, a comedian, presenter and actor, replaced Milsom in 2020.