‘Back in Time for the Corner Shop’ Starts Production

Back in Time for the Corner
Courtesy of ABC TV

“Back in Time for the Corner Shop” has started filming in Sydney.

The show is produced by Warner Bros. International for ABC, and features Annabel Crabb as host and the Ferrone family.

Crabb and the Ferrones have previously taken Australian audiences on a historical journey with “Back in Time for Dinner” and “Further Back in Time for Dinner”.

This iteration of the show will feature five 60-minute episodes as the Ferrone family inhabits the humble corner shop.

“In the latest installment of this much-loved living-history series, the Ferrones will experience close to 150 years of running a family-owned corner shop. From meat pies to milkshakes, from salami to dim sims, from fads to frozen foods, this series will go beyond the family home into our neighbourhoods to tell the story of a changing Australia,” publicity for the show said.

ABC’s head of factual and culture, Jennifer Collins, explained the vast scope of the show.

“We are thrilled to be able to see the Ferrones heading back in time again, this time running an Aussie institution – the corner shop,” she said.

“This format is such a wonderful way to explore Australian history in a way that is engaging, immersive and family friendly. The series starts in the 1850s and ends in the 1990s, which is a lot of time travel for one family.”

Caroline Swift, head of entertainment at Warner Bros. International, noted the power of the corner shop.

“Who doesn’t have great memories of their local corner shop? With friendly store owners, groceries ‘on tick’, kids carefully picking their lollies and gossip a plenty, the corner shop was once an integral part of Australian communities. “Back in Time for the Corner Shop” leaves no stone unturned with the Ferrones tackling the evolution from the mid 1800s through to the last-minute convenience of the 21st Century,” she said.