‘Toni and Ryan’ Becomes a Spotify Exclusive Podcast

Toni and Ryan podcast on Spotify
Courtesy of Spotify

“Toni and Ryan” will soon only be available on Spotify.

The podcast was started by former radio employees Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon in August 2021 and has since gone on to find a global audience.

The podcast will come out five days a week and will also include numerous vodcasts.

Variety Australia understands there was a bidding war between podcasting platforms for the podcast and that it will remain free to audiences as part of the deal.

Prithi Dey, Spotify AUNZ partnership lead, said the exclusive Spotify partnership will help the podcast continue its success on a global scale.

“Through their relatable and always hilarious take on life, Toni and Ryan have become a must-listen-to podcast in popular culture with a global community of followers,” she said.

“They join the eight exclusive shows all released locally from Spotify since early 2020, as we continue to celebrate Australia’s best podcast talent.”

Jon noted how great it was to have certainty and security in the current media landscape.

“It’s an exciting time for podcasting, but it can still feel like the wild west for creators with the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of the industry. To have it locked in and resourced for years to come and to get work alongside Spotify who are the best in the business is an absolute dream,” he said.

“We’ve got some fun ideas on how to say thank you to TARPers who listen each day, so if you’re an OG listener or you want to join the community today – there’s lots of fun coming your way.”

Lodge added: “This is a really exciting partnerships for us and a massive day for the “Toni and Ryan” podcast, which wouldn’t be possible without all of the people that listen and love if from around the world. We can’t wait to get started and be part of the Spotify family.”

“Toni and Ryan” was previously partnered with ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network for sales and other elements of the show.

Jon previously worked as a day-time host on ARN’s Melbourne station Kiis 101.1, however he left earlier this year. The on-air role has since been filled by Byron Cooke.

Lodge, meanwhile, was also formerly employed by ARN as an audio imaging producer for its breakfast show “Jase and PJ”.

She said stepping into a podcast studio every day with her best mate was not only her dream, but also something which makes her feel exhilarated.

“Lots of things make me nervous, like having to ask someone in a shop for help, or not knowing where I’m going to park if I drive into the city, and not knowing whether I need to get fuel on my way somewhere – but I’ve never had nerves before performing or chatting on-air or doing a podcast. And I guess that that’s exactly how you know that you’re in the right spot,” she said.

“I think everybody hopes that the thing that they love to do will be a success and that they’ll get to share it with other people, but this is still such a ‘pinch-me’ moment, and I think that Ryan and I do a really good job of still enjoying the excitement of it.”